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FIRST. Purpose

Eventos Bachata Spain S.L.  (hereinafter, the ´Organizer`), with ID B88195086 and address for the purpose of notifications in Calle los pinos 44 2A – 28922 Alcorcón (Madrid), organizes the 1st Edition of ´Kizcon International Awards` and manages in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (hereinafter, the ´contest`, and that is advertised on the website www.kizcon.es (hereinafter, the ´web`) as well as on the Facebook pages, through which the three best dance couples will be awarded.


SECOND. Participacion requirements.

The competition is open to all those participants who meet the following requirements:

 ·   Be 18 years of age or older at the time of registration·   The inscriptions will be made per couple, being understood as consisting of one man and one woman, two men or two women·   It is not necessary to live in Spain to register, any person regardless of their country of origin or residence can register and compete.·   Any member belonging to the organization of the event or the teachers who will participate in it, are excluded and, therefore, can not participate in the contest. However, the promoters and the members of the different Taxi Dancer teams that attend the event may participate in the contest


THIRD. Registration

To register for the competition it will be mandatory for the couple to acquire the GOLDENPASS.

A maximum of 20 couples can register

 To carry out the contest will be essential the minimum registration of 8 couples.

If the contest is not carried out due to not reaching the minimum number of registered couples, the pass will be replaced by a fullpass and the difference of the money with respect to the purchase date of the pass will  be refunded.


FORTH. Registration fee

The registration fee will be free with the acquisition of GOLDENPASS.

The price of GOLDENPASS as a couple is 200 euros (100 euros per person). This pass includes, in addition to the participation in the contest, access to all workshops, social events and parties, as well as VIP areas reserved for artists, taxi teams and the organization.

The 100 euros of each one of the acquired Goldenpass will be destined entirely to the prize of the contest.

FIFHT.  Registration period and place

Registration can be made from October 1st to March 31st, 2019. Registration will be made after purchasing the GOLDENPASS and accepting the conditions of the contest all issued through the ticket sales page www.lasalsadelbaile.com

Once the GOLDENPASS is acquired, it can not be returned and neither will be posible the name change of the participants, all in order to guarantee the greatest possible transparency.



SIXTH. Categories of Participation

The competion will be in a single category that will include both URBANKIZ and TARRAXO.




The dress code will be of free choice although it is important to take into account that this is a contest in which improvisation and musicality will be valued, so it is recommended not to participate with a dress code that could prevent spectators and jury from valueingthe movements.

Participation in the contest with the naked torso or exposing areas of the body that could be considered excessively sexual, whether the participant is male or female will not be admitted.

The organization reserves the right to disqualify a couple for this reason



EIGHTH. Development of the Contest

The participants will perform several eliminatory tests:

·         April 12nd, semifinals of the contest where a maximum of 10 couples and a minimum of 6 couples will be evaluated and selected·         April 13rd, final of the contest where the rankings of the contestants will be provided and the first, second and third places of the winners of the KIZCON INTERNATIONAL AWARDS will be given

The contestants will have to face different dance rounds of the kizomba urbankiz and tarraxo styles, where they will be judged by international professionals.

The organization will make available songs of each of the styles to the DJ, and the songs that the participants will dance will be chosen randomly among that selection during the contest. Couples will not know the specific themes that will dance until the competition begins.



NINTH. Jury and evaluation criteria

The Jury will be composed of personalities from the artistic world and dance teachers. The organization reserves the right to modify the components that are part of the jury due to force majeure.

Those who have a relationship of familiarity, up to the second degree, with any of the participants in the Contest may not be part of the Jury.

The Jury will evaluate from 0 to 10:



Style / Flow




 The contest will be won by the couple that obtaines more points, the second place will be for the couple that gets the second best score and so on.

The jury’s decision will be unappealable. However, participants who wish may request the organization to see the Jury Records after the celebrations.

There will be a representative of the jury, whose role will be the organization, compliance with standards and be the spokesperson.




TENTH. Penalties and exclusions


The organization reserves the right to penalize those couples who fail to comply with the basic rules of both the Dance and respect for others, including, in cases of serious breach, to annul the decision of the Jury.

In case of conflict, the organization or the jury, according to its competence, will resolve it based on criteria of rationality, equality and equity.

Any Participant who manipulates the participation procedures and / or who does not comply with the bases contained in this document will be disqualified.

In the event that a winning couple is disqualified, the couple that obtains second place will become first, the third will become second and so on.




The organization guarantees an initial minimum pot of 1,000 euros plus 200 euros for each couple of participants. The maximum amount that can be accumulated and that directly depends on the number of registered couples, is 5,000 euros. This amount will be divided among the first three classified couples in the following proportion:

First Prize: 60% of the pot (a minimum of 1,560 euros and a maximum of 3,000 euros) •

Second Prize: 30% of the pot (a minimum of 780 euros and a maximum of 1,500 euros)

Third Prize: 10% of the pot (a minimum of 260 euros and a maximum of 500 euros)

The prize will be paid by the Organization to the winners through paypal system.

To be eligible for the prizes, it is mandatory to participate in the two categories of the contest (urbankiz and tarraxo), and obtain one of the three best scores among all the participants in the order described above and which will be determined by the Jury.

For the purposes of the provisions of Law 13/2011, of May 27th, the organization states that participation in the Contest, which is organized exclusively for advertising or promotional purposes, does not require any type of financial outlay for the participant.

Los premios estarán sujetos a la normativa fiscal vigente.

The prizes will be subject to the current fiscal regulations.



TWELFTH. Communication with the participants.

The dates and schedules in which the competitions will take place will be announced well in advance on the website, in the advertising brochures and on the information boards at the event.

Participating couples must submit to the call the day and time communicated being their absence or delay reason for disqualification.

The organization reserves the right to modify or adjust the schedules that, in any case, will be announced with the appropriate advance notice,

and reserves the right to suspend or postpone the contest for fair cause or force majeure.

The organizing company will be exempt from any responsibility if any of the cases indicated, as well as any responsibility for the damages that could be caused occur.



THIRTEENTH Participation commitment.

Participation in this contest implies the acceptance of the rules, as well as the decisions of the Jury and the organization.

All the participants agree to participate, appearing in the selections that correspond to them, respecting the positions

on the stage and the number of the number that corresponds to them in the draw




The Participants give without any temporal or territorial limit all the rights of intellectual property and image that may correspond to the content made available to the Organizer or those recordings, photographs or any other audio or video material, made during the contest or the realization of the event. In this way, the Organizer may use the material as it deems appropriate, cutting and / or editing, the material for spreading in the media that he freely decides and, specifically, in a promo of the event for next editions that may be published in the Organizer’s website and its channels as well as on its twitter, instragram and Facebook accounts and youtube channels.



FIFTEENTH. Data Privacy

The personal data provided by the participant will be included in a file that is the responsibility of Eventos Bachata Spain S.L. with address to these effects in Calle los pinos 44 2A – 28922 Alcorcón (Madrid), in order to manage your participation in the Contest in accordance with the provisions of these rules.

The legal basis that legitimates this treatment is the consent granted by the participant through its registration and the purpose is the need to comply with and manage the rules of the Contest and their participation in it. For this purpose, the data of the participant will be kept while he holds the status of registered user and, subsequently,

for 5 years for the attention of the possible responsibilities derived from the treatment.

In case of being chosen as a winner or second place winner, your personal data will be published in social media networks and web pages managed by the organization, whether printed or digital, to guarantee the transparency of the Contest.

The legal basis that legitimates this treatment is the legitimate interest and will be used for the purpose indicated in the previous paragraph and will be preserved in the publication indefinitely in time, until the interested party opposes it or requests its right of suppression. For any query regarding the Contest, or to exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation, the participant may send by ordinary mail to the address Calle las pinos 44 2A – 28922 Alcorcón (Madrid) or by email to info@kizcon.com, in any case providing a photocopy of your National Identity Document or equivalent document. Likewise, in the event that their right to the protection of personal data is violated, the participant may file a complaint with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (www.agpd.es).



SIXTEENTH. Conflicts and Applicable Law.

In case of conflict between the users and the interpretation of these rules by the Organizer, the Spanish legislation and competent to hear disputes will be applied to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid. The Participants expressly waive the jurisdiction that may correspond to them and that is different from the one indicated above.